stevie springs

fat transsexual crip leatherdyke fag
artist, writer, sick fuck
occupied duwamish territory

stevie's zines

The Joy of the Bible

the perverted blaspheming of an illustrated children’s bible with adults fuckin’ and suckin’ their way through it. what is art if not a way to process complex trauma?6.25 x 8.75”, 12 pages$8 physical zine // $4 PDF zine

Sick Sad Boy

poems about disability, grief, trauma, & lovequarter size, 24 pages$6 physical zine // $3 PDF zine

Write Your Own Crip Credo

a short guide to creating a personalized list to remind yourself that you deserve more/better/everythingminizine, 8 pagesFREEdownload the PDF here

Ever wondered how you would have behaved at the height of the AIDS pandemic? You’re doing it now.

a summary of the parallels between HIV & COVIDquarter size, 8 pagesFREEdownload the PDF here

40 Years of Grief

collage, poetry, and other writings on my lifelong relationship with griefhalf size, 44 pages$12 physical zine // $6 PDF zine

Where to Buy

My zines are available for online purchase here.They're also available at the following independent bookstores: